That time I got on WWHL

UPDATE: My call into WWHL was featured on a People article. I constantly tweet Bravo, Andy and all the Bravo stars. But it was one fateful evening in July that I decided to actually call into Watch What Happens Live. And guess what, I got on!

Disclaimer: I got on the After Show (or as my friend Carl calls it, Bravo After Dark). Not that it matters because my call is featured on! I made Tamra cry so they featured the segment on their site. (Starts at the 1:09 mark)

Click here for the article and check out the video below!

Sorry we made you cry Tamra!

Sorry we made you cry Tamra!

I was catching up on Flipping Out and live-tweeting RHOC and then I got into bed to watch WWHL.The guests were Tamra Barney/Judge and Abby Elliot from Odd Mom Out – a show that I love. I decided to call in and ask about Simon. I maybe pressed redial 40 times until I finally heard a human voice “Hold please”. The guy came back on and asked what my question would be. I said “How is Tamra’s relationship and has he congratulated her on the grandbaby”. He said “Hold please”. More Jenni. The actual show was about to end when he came back on and said I was going to be on the After Show and would I kindly ask “Has Simon met the baby?” WHATEVER YOU WANT BRAVO, WHATEVER YOU WANT.

So here’s the clip of my call in! I can totally tell that Andy loved me…


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