Why are you famous, Nikki Reed?

Have you ever been perusing Instagram or flipping through the pages of US Weekly and wondered, why are you famous? We all know there’s THAT family and the answer is “a sex tape” but often I see “famous” people being overly covered and gotten very annoyed. So this is the first post in a possible series called “Why are you famous?”

Our first subject is Nikki Reed.

nikki reed

“NIKKI REED?” you are probably shouting at me. She was in Twilight! And Twilight 2! And Twilight where that werewolf fell in love with a child! Nikki Reed is everywhere. EVERYWHERE. And that was before she had her whirlwind romance with Ian Somerhalder and married him. And now she’s getting even more press. How does she get invited everywhere? Where does she get all the money to be a jet-setter? Has she starred in another movie? Why do I know so much about her?

So if anyone can answer this or knows Nikki Reed personally, please ask her, Why are you famous?



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