Ranking Kate’s India/Bhutan Wardrobe

WHOA – I’m writing a post about a Prince/Princess and THE Prince has passed away. RIP. What a total bummer…

Onto regular scheduled posting:

1st – HAPPY 90th BIRTHDAY QUEEN ELIZABETH!! Julia and I decided that we would be the most amazing subjects. Very loyal. 2nd – Is there anything better than when Kate and Will leave the country? They did Canada/U.S., Malaysia and some other places and Australia/New Zealand (with Baby George in tow!) and just last week they explored India and Bhutan. The bar was set high for Kate because a) the culture and designs in those countries BEG for amazing outfits and b) Naeem Khan is Indian and a bomb designer – we knew his designs would HAVE to show up. So let’s check out how she did! (Spoiler: this is the best she’s ever dressed.)
australiaWhoops – wrong trip. Hi George!

17. Emilia Wickstead


Those are boob pockets. I happen to think Emilia Wickstead is a fashion snooze and the clothes age Kate. But that scenery is beyond.

16. Emilia Wickstead

emilia yellow coat

See? Snooze color and shape. This is when Will and Kate got to Bhutan. Bhutan looks rad y’all. Apparently they only started allowing tourists in 1974 and you have to be with an approved tour group. Way to preserve your country!

15. Zara

zara hikingThose pants will make a second appearance on this list, but I cannot get down with the leather vest. OR the fact she hiked a mountain in boots. I can, however, get down with that view. P.S. apparently the two didn’t break a sweat. Do you think they practiced on the stairclimber at the gym?

14. H.M. Williams and Zara

HM Williams and zaraWill and Kate went on a safari and this is very appropriate and cute. What do you think Kate’s leg workout is? Because I need to get on it asap. This is ranked #14 because it’s cute but there’s some amazing pieces coming.

13. Alexander McQueen

mcqueen white rewear

She’s worn this before. It’s cute and conservative. But what I would give for a guy to follow me around with an umbrella in case of rain or extreme heat.

12. Temperley

This color is amazing. I don’t know if I LOVE the cut, but I can get past that. She also pulled out some up-dos on this trip which is unusual for her… because she has amazing hair that we want to gawk at and she gives the people what they want.

11. Glamorous

glamorous 40 bucks

This dress is $40. Correction, this dress WAS $40. It is now sold out. Here Kate is walking the slums. It’s a very appropriate dress if maybe a little Little House on the Prairie. P.S. I wore my hair like this last weekend- Kate and I are practically twins.

10. Zarazara

Another up-do! I BELIEVE those are her favorite Stuart Weitzman wedges. They’re cute but not with that dress. I also would have reconsidered that black stitching up top, Zara. It looks a little odd. But I can’t deny that overall it’s a cute dress.

9. Alexander McQueen

mcqueen peplum

This was the first outfit Kate debuted and not shockingly, from her favorite designer. Could you imagine if you were like “Sarah Burton, I’m off to India, whip me up some of your most culturally appropriate frocks.” What a life. Anyway… I didn’t realize we were still doing peplum. Ok. The design is gorgeous though. Also, I finally figured something out. Kate made a deal with the devil and it was that she would become a beloved princess but doomed to wear boring nude pumps for the rest of her life. Good trade, Kate.

8. Anita Dongre

anita dressKate’s people requested some dresses from this Indian designer and ultimately chose this one, but not before adding the belt and cutting about a foot off the bottom. The result: sleek, appropriate, amazing. Bonus points for the shades.

7. Beulah


This is gorgeous. The poppy design is a nod to the host country, Bhutan. I love the draping and the peek of pink underneath. And non-nude shoes – it’s a miracle! The one adjustment I would have made would have been to pull the hair back so you could get a good look at the neckline. But I’m picky like that.

6. Paul and Joe and Kate’s personal dressmakerPaul and joe and dressmaker

Why WOULDN’T Kate have her own personal dressmaker? Paul and Joe made the amazing cape and her dressmaker made the skirt which resembles a kira – the traditional clothing in Bhutan. This is flat-out awesome. Throw in some Katniss-style activities, and this would have to be my favorite event of the trip. Can I go live in Kate’s closet?

5. Anna Sui

anna sui

Well this certainly was a surprise. Last time I thought of Anna Sui, I was buying her perfume in the late 90s. Remember the one in the purple and black bottle? That is a nostalgic scent. But maybe I need to revisit the line because this dress is killer. I want to swan around in it a la Patricia from “Southern Charm” while drinking martinis.

4. Naeem Khan


Kate waited until her last event to wear the famed designer. And she killed in it. The design coordinated perfectly with the Taj Mahal, which they happened to have been visiting. $20 she got on the plane, took this off, put on yoga pants and pulled out her copies of Hello and Ok! while settling in for hours of Real Housewives on her iPad. After I traveled internationally with small children as a nanny, I learned to cherish my alone time on a long trip.

3. Tory Burch

tory burch

Well this is ridiculously cool. Kate has worn her before, during their trip to NYC, but it’s surprising to see an American designer pop-up in India. I totally see why she selected it. The colors are perfect. How much fun would it be to curate her wardrobe for these trips? She probably has a massive walk-in closet and they pull out all the clothes they had sent from designers and debate over what outfit for what event with what shoes and jewelry and hairstyle…all while George is running around pretending a hanger is a sword and Charlotte is crawling around and snacking on Kate’s shoes.

2. Jenny Packham

blue jenny

Wow. Jenny Packham and Kate have always been the perfect marriage and this may be the pinnacle. The color is divine, the design, the shawl, all of it. I need her blue earrings right now (even though I think my one ear is closing up and I need to get it re-pierced…trivia – I used to pierce ears when I worked at Limited Too in high school, how scary is that???) They looked so happy this entire trip. Do you think it’s the crazy energy? The location? The ability to sleep through the night without a baby monitor next to their heads?

1. Temperley

temperley crop

I loved this, and it may not be your first pick, but let me tell you why it’s mine. It’s a two-piece. That’s a skirt with a crop top and I think it’s so out of the box for her plus it’s just plain gorgeous. I’ve always love Temperley’s ethereal designs, and this is no exception. 

I think it just goes to show that Kate lives THE most charmed life ever. Well done on a VERY successful tour of India and Bhutan. Where are you off to next? And please bring the kids!





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