Happy Anniversary Kate and Will!

Wow, has it already been 5 years since we all woke up before dawn to watch Kate Middleton and Prince William marry? Today marks their anniversary so it’s a good time to go down memory lane and relive that very special day. What were you doing? I know that I will never forget how I spent that day…

The night before the wedding, I drove to Chicago so I could wake up with Julia and Sarah to watch the entire thing. I got a great night of sleep on Julia’s tempurpedic when I was gently awoken by Julia opening the door and whispering “it’s time”. I bounced out of bed like I never have before and it was only 5am. We prepared for the morning by putting on our tiaras and breaking out our champagne and tea sandwiches while we waited for Sarah to arrive via taxi. Obviously, attire was “most comfortable pajamas”.

breakfast spread maura julia

I had just gotten those bangs! And immediately grew them out! (I would go on to do that again in 2014/2015… WILL NONE OF MY FRIENDS STOP ME???) Also, I kid you not, I wore that tiara all day and night…even out on the town. People thought it was my birthday and I had zero shame in telling them “nope, just celebrating the wedding!” (P.S. Jules and Sarah- I’m not even going to mention devil child, too upsetting.)

We settled in for hours of coverage. We went back and forth between CNN (Anderson Cooper), NBC (Matt Lauer and gang) and E! (Giuliana). EVERYTHING excited us.

Let’s just first recall that day in November when they announced the engagement:


Everything about this was perfect – the ring, the matching dress, her hair. And wow, William had a lot of hair back then.

You’ll recall that a lot of the first hours of the coverage were filler. Anderson Cooper talking to Vera Wang about who Kate might be wearing. Giuliana talking to God knows who about the cake. Matt Lauer talking about the pomp and circumstances surrounding the day. FYI, I loved it all. Then guests started arriving:

david and victoria beckham

OOOH Harper must be almost 5! I loved Victoria’s dress but I hated the hat. David looks typically smoking hot.

chelsey davy

Chelsy Davy is Harry’s on-off again girlfriend. They were kind of off but she did get an invite and had a custom Alberta Ferretti outfit created. Ummmm…Chelsy is suffering from what my family refers to as “FNO”. It’s when you have too much fun the “first night out” and have a hard time functioning the next day. It’s a common affliction at weddings after the rehearsal dinner. We’ve all been there. I plan to be a Sleeping Beauty tonight so I don’t look a hot mess at Cat’s wedding tomorrow. Poor Chelsy looks like she needs a shower, a nap, a 5-hour Real Housewives marathon and a cheeseburger. And like a gallon of water.

eugenia and beatrice

I imagine it is hard to be Beatrice and Eugenie. Your mom is a royal embarrassment, your dad is 2nd born so you’ll never quite get the birthright privileges like Harry and Will. Your new cousin-in-law is beautiful and glamorous. Is that an excuse to show up like this to the wedding? Not at all. Apparently they made a stink about going in the chauffeured car with their dad while all the other cousins, etc. came in the big party buses that Kate and Will used to save SOME money. Daily Mail loves to track how often these two vacation. It’s like 40 times a year. It’s hard to feel bad for you when you’re clearly living the life.

the matriarchs

The matriarchs! This is actually after the wedding, I believe. Camille and Carole look…fine. The Queen LOVES the color yellow and she looks fabulous and so very happy. After some pretty tumultuous years within the royal family, Kate really did bring the life back to it.


The groom and his handsome brother!!! They looked SO good. I learned that day that I can read lips. When Harry and Will were up at the alter and Kate was walking down, Harry took a peek and said “wait until you see her”. I’m not sure why they couldn’t turn around. It’s actually one of my favorite things to do a weddings – instead of watching the bride, I watch the groom and his reaction. It’s always really special.


This was at the church but we did see Pippa and the flower girls get into their cars ahead of Kate and her dad. When Pippa stepped out of the car, people didn’t really take notice. Kidding, it was the ass heard around the world. Her Alexander McQueen fit perfectly and everyone took notice. P.S. in case you didn’t know – that body is the product of super hard work. She does all those crazy races around the world. God bless her.

kate leaving hotel

OK THIS is when we started to hyperventilate. It had been announced at this point that Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen had designed the dress. I’m sure a lot of those betting in Vegas had her in the pool. When she got into the car, you would have thought we were there, angling our heads to get a better view of the dress.

kate driving in car to wedding

I love how she thought to ride in the Rolls Royce that would give us a great view. So thoughtful, that Kate Middleton.

the peek back

The dress was gorgeous, as we all know. It was a modern take on Grace Kelly’s. I wish the veil had been longer, but that’s just me. She chose the “halo” or “script” tiara by Cartier for the big day. It’s a commonly used starter tiara. I need to know how I can live a life where I have a starter tiara. Anyway, this is one of my favorite photos. It’s the classic “look back”. I imagine she’s looking at the massive crowds thinking “OMG you guys! Here I go!” Could you imagine for one second what it must have been like on this day? I told Julia the other day that I love Kate and her life but sometimes I’m just so jealous. She is seriously lucky.


This was the one miss at the wedding. Westminster Abbey is so grand and that dress was perfection. I wish we could have seen a bigger, better bouquet.

kate and will at alter

How happy does Kate look? She’s like, my God, after seven years together, this is finally happening. Also, throughout the entire day, her posture is impeccable.

west minster abbey

Just your normal, every-day church.

kate and will walking up aisle

I would want to run up the aisle and burst through the door. Kate, of course, stayed very composed.

harry and pippa

Do we think they’ve every hooked up? I say yes.

kate and will walking outside

“EVERYBODY!! We did it! I did it! I’m a Princess!!!!!!!!”

kate and will

“Will, WE DID IT!!! And we didn’t screw up!!!!”

kate and will carriage

It’s interesting that your first few quiet moments after the ceremony are in an open-air carriage in front of the entire world. I wonder what they said to each other. It’s also here that I will note that Kate should have considered an up-do. She wore it down because that’s how Will knows her and she wanted to look most like herself. But the curls were a little awkward for me. Nit-picky, I know.

will helping kate out

DO NOT MESS UP THE DRESS. I was thankful for this part on TV because i wanted a shot of the shoes. You can’t actually see them here but they were Alexander McQueen pumps with the matching lace from the dress.

kate and will official

Formal picture time! They look so awkward. And I get a twitch thinking about how no one pulled down the skirt so there isn’t that weird wrinkle in front.

kate and will and kids

Add the kids! This is actually so cute. I remember this picture from Diana’s wedding. I love it.

kate and will balcony

When Kate walked out onto the balcony, she mouthed “WOW”. Obviously, because look at this scene:

kate and will flyover

This whole part between the ceremony and Kate and Will coming out on the balcony DRAGGED. When everyone got back to Buckingham, they did pictures and during that time, all the fans walked down the streets and filled the plaza. When I was a nanny and I took the kid to London, we stayed down the street from Buckingham. I would take them to that statue area and they would play on it. I need to go back to London.


I’m trying to remember how many times I cried during the wedding. Definitely during the kiss. AND they gave us two of them!!!!

last peak back

“I know how that girl from Chagrin Falls loves her look backs.” In all seriousness, I bet she’s thinking “one more look before we go in for lunch, because THIS is the moment of my life.”

the cake

Just a normal, everyday wedding cake…

kate and will car

“Let’s drive around the driveway in this fun little sports car before we put on a robe and watch the DVRed version of the wedding!” This is actually what they did. They got cozy and watched the coverage. Normal people have to wait like 6-8 weeks for the final version of their wedding video.

kate second dress

Then Kate put on her second Alexander McQueen of the day and it was time to PARTY. I wish so badly we could see pictures from the reception. There was a large luncheon right after the ceremony, but the reception was held to about 250 family and friends. I heard they rocked out. Ellie Goulding sang “Your Song” for the couple’s first dance and many a toast were given.

And we know that Harry had a good time:

harry bus

This is so a move I would make after a wedding on the party bus home. Grab the mike and entertain all the guests in my drunken stupor.

Well I hope you all enjoyed the trip down memory lane. I certainly did! I’ve watched the wedding several times since. Well, Julia and I watched it later that day when her mom and her mom’s BFF got to town. Seriously, we rewatched it like 5 hours after the original viewing. And after a bad break-up, I watched it. What a good way to distract myself.

This makes me all the more excited for my BFF’s big day tomorrow!!!! Let’s just hope I don’t FNO tonight!!!

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