The Oscar After Parties: The Best

I’m SALIVATING over some of these gowns. They are VERY cool. I do not understand how someone hits the Oscars red carpet in something horrible and then knocks it out of the park at the Vanity Fair party. Mind blowing truly…

Ciara in Jovani


Ciara is someone who I cannot place the origins of their fame. I’m always asking myself “why do we care?” And then I listen to random selections from my iTunes and find out I have like 7 of her songs from 2009 on a playlist so I don’t know, I might suffer from some sort of memory loss. Anyway, this is gorgeous. I’m loving the velvet trend on the red carpet. It’s also very Beyoncé esque. Wait. Ok, never mind. I confirmed – that is Ciara, not Beyoncé. Congratulations on the gorgeous dress and your future child. Not to be confused with Future’s child. Who is also your child. Ok I’m done here.

Halle Berry in Versace

halle berry

Whatever Halle is taking these days, I want in.

Viola Davis in Brandon Maxwell

viola davis

This might be divisive but let me tell you something. Hell if I’m not putting on comfy, yet cool clothes after being in 3 layers of Spanx and 5 inch heels for hours. She looks effortlessly cool. I don’t even hate the tennis shoes.

Karlie Kloss in Naeem Khan

karlie kloss

Remember how I said that it was all Armani and Dior on the red carpet? Why wasn’t Naeem Khan represented? She KILLED it at the after parties. This is gorgeous and so much cooler (and more original) than that Gwyneth Paltrow Cape 2.0.

Mindy Kaling in Naeem Khan

mindy kaling

Naeem Khan, killing it – one dress at a time. Mindy was in NZ with Reese and she did NOT phone it in. I think this is so different and unique. She looks hot.

Naomie Harris in Calvin Klein

naomie harris

You accidentally wore your Oscar dress to the after party, Naomie. Someone should get fired.

Hailee Steinfeld in Ralph & Russo

hailee steinfeld

Like Naomie, Hailee stuck with the same designer with much better results. This is super cool. Why did she wear that fussy sheathy thing to the ceremony? What is going on in Hollywood???

Kate Bosworth in J. Mendel

kate bosworth

I love this and love the color but I am seriously freaking out over whatever shade of tan her arm is vs. the rest of the body. What is going on???? Also, Kate is one of those people who has managed to snag invites to everything even though she hasn’t done anything of note in YEARS. (See also: Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson)

Freida Pinto in Elie Saab

freida pinto

Can Freida and Dev Patel get back together? They were such an adorable couple and I LOVE Dev. He was so good in “Lion”, I could cry thinking about it. In other news, I’m into this color on her. It is gorgeous. I’m also coming to terms with the slits on everything – but KNOW THIS, I will never be on board with the sheers.


Teresa Palmer in Prada

teresa palmerI’m seriously beyond confused. HOW did these designers get away with horrible ceremony dresses then amazing party dresses? This is gorgeous. I couldn’t even put into words how awful her other dress was. I’m too tired to figure this out.

Heidi Klum in Alberta Ferretti

heidi klumI actually find this very cool. And she can carry off this look. It would be too much on 99% of Hollywood. I’m starting to feel like I’m in the twilight zone. What’s up is down, down is up. Heidi looks good, Naomie failed then came back around. Emma is in a nightgown. WHAT IS GOING ON???

Tracee Ellis Ross in Zuhair Murad

tracee ellis rossTracie Ellis Ross is a boss. A BOSS. This is gorgeous.

Kat Graham in Nicholas Oakwell

kat grahamI wouldn’t usually post her because I don’t really know who she is but I actually really like this dress. It is very cool and different and this is the night to be very cool and different. Do you hear that stylists? BE COOL.

be cool

Alicia Vikander in Louis Vuitton (I ASSUME)

vikanderNo fashion cred but I assume this is LV because she’s owned by them, much like Michelle Williams. I love this color and silhouette. She looks amazing. Good night for her all around.

Felicity Jones in Erdem

felicity jones


And I love this too!! So much better than her ceremony dress. I love Erdem – I don’t see them enough on the red carpet. I would have probably pulled her hair back, but that’s just nit-picky.

And guess who my best dressed is… SPOILER – it’s someone whose look I HATED at the ceremony.

Ruth Negga in Oscar de la Renta

ruth negga

Pretty obsessed with this and pretty sure I want to own it. Also pretty sure I can’t afford it. This is a frock worthy of you Ruth, not that mess you wore to the ceremony. I mean, this is just plain gorgeous, right? She could have made this longer and been my best dressed at the ceremony had she worn this. I love it.

Ok that was fun but just prepare yourself – there is so much crazy in the next post. SO MUCH CRAZY. Like, I’m currently checking if I can get a 72 hour hold on Gabrielle Union.






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