The 2018 Met Gala: The Best

I give props to those who brought their “A” game to this event. This was NOT an easy theme to style and the risk was high. This is probably the shortest list of the group because the expectations are high – this is the fashion Super Bowl. Screw the Oscars, that’s child play. Shockingly, only ONE of the evening’s co-chairs made the list. (Co-chairs were Anna Wintour, Donatella Versace, Amal Clooney and Rihanna) I wonder what being a co-chair entails. Lots of daytime meetings that start with iced tea and end with Sauvignon Blanc? Rihanna sending passive aggressive emails asking Amal why she hasn’t submitted her pick for center pieces? Maybe we’ll never know…

Blake Lively in Versace


I just absolutely loved this. If on a mobile device, please enhance her head because it is perfect. This is doing period piece fashion in a modern way. If I had one hope for Blake, it is that she finds a way to eclipse Ryan Reynolds in acting. I don’t want her to be known just for fashion and cooking amazing food in her Bedford, NY mansion. Ryan Reynolds has become a little exhausting to me. #serenaforever

Diane Kruger in Prabal Gurung


Diane is very polarizing her fashion decision – and that comes from taking risk. I actually really love this and I loved her headpiece as well. Am I happy she cheated on Joshua Jackson for that guy from The Walking Dead? No, but I’ll live.

Lily Collins in Givenchy


This is a high fashion, cracked out nun and I am here for it. I’m not typically a fan of the sheer but it works here so that she doesn’t look too matronly (cough cough, Greta Gerwig).

Zendaya in Versace


A couple people gave Joan of Arc vibes, but none as well as Zendaya. I wish to have the confidence and coolness as her one day (and FYI, she’s 21). This is a whole look that doesn’t venture into costume. I just adore it.

Priyanka Chopra in Ralph Lauren


She was my best dressed last year and she didn’t disappoint this year. I love this look – it was perfect on the red carpet, and she took the hood down for the party. This makes me super excited to see her headpiece for the royal wedding. Priyanka is the designated “talk about Meghan in a glowing way” friend which must be super fun.

Solange in Iris van Herpen


This is like if ET was Catholic and I love it. She actually put 4 outfits on Twitter and had her fans vote, but I think she got overwhelmed and cancelled the whole thing. And I heard that the spikes in her head piece are actually hair braids. Solange never fails to bring the drama to the Met red carpet (or the after party elevator!)

Nicki Minaj in Oscar de la Renta


I guess Monse really has taken full control of OdlR. Not necessarily a bad thing. She brought drama and tied in the theme. But I need to know if she made up with Cardi B.

Madonna in John Paul Gaulthier


I mean, Madonna is the pioneer of tying fashion and religion. This is crackpots and I might hate the skirt but from the neck up, she is just so amazing, that I’m a yes for the look. She also performed “Like a Prayer” which is just a top 10 best ever in my book.

Frances McDormand in Valentino



I have to tell you, I don’t even know what’s going on here but all the YES to Frances McDormand.

Emilia Clarke in Dolce and Gabbana


As a cheat, D&G released a religious-based line last year, but smart of the Queen of Dragons to tap into the well. Her make-up is insane but it works. Do you know what doesn’t work? How long we have to wait for the last season of GoT.

Cara Delevingne in Dior


This is the nun from my nightmares (and I went to Catholic grade school, so I KNOW scary nuns).

Cardi B in Jeremy Scott/Moschino


This surprised me because usually Jeremy Scott is not my cup of tea. And I’ll be honest, I know Cardi B has that one song and all the critics agree, she is a solid rapper, but I just have concerns. To shoot up as a star that quickly can lead to a quick burn out. I guess I need more convincing that she’s here to stay. Correct me if I’m wrong! I’m here to learn!

Sarah Jessica Parker in Dolce and Gabbana


SHE IS WEARING A NATIVITY SCENE ON HER HEAD. MIC DROPPED. Bevy Smith has a show on Radio Andy called Bevelations and I was listening to it on my drive home tonight and she said something I wholeheartedly agree with – SJP loves to dress up. She enjoys it. She never phones it in. It doesn’t always work, but that’s ok! Also, I learned from Andy Cohen on his Monday morning radio show that you get assigned a time to arrive by Anna. They had the 7:15 – 7:30 slot. OH and they had to come in a van that SJP could stand up in. Insane.

Lana del Ray in Gucci


Is this the only Gucci? That surprises me! This is awesome. I love her head piece and her chest piece has swords sticking out of it. THE DRAMA. She was seen with Jared Leto and I’m praying it’s because they were both representing Gucci because Jared Leto seems like WORK to date.

J LO in Balmain


Remember when the Kardashians ONLY wore Balmain and it was all insane and we were all like, UGH BALMAIN, JUST STOP. Well, I stand by that but this is an exception. She looks fantastic. I love the bob (has to be fake, right?) and the Crusader look with the cross. This is just epic for me.

Janelle Monae in Marc Jacobs


She is out of a painting. This is awesome. And she was able to incorporate her signature black and white. I just love Janelle and I heard she’s dating Tessa Thompson and I’m very much in support of that relationship.

Ariana Grande in Vera Wang

ariana-grande“We’re going to wrap her in the Sistene Chapel and put a big bow in her hair.” I assume that’s how the conversation between Vera and Grande’s stylist went. And thank goodness they saw the vision, this is a best dressed for me. I look at this and then at what Karlie Kloss wore and I’m utterly confused at how a supermodel could just completely fail at this but the donut-licker knocks it out of the park.

Alicia Vikander in Louis Vuitton


Alicia Vikander stars as Audrey Hepburn in the “Socialite Nun”. I’d buy a ticket to that.

Evan Rachel Wood in Altuzarra



No one has committed to style as much as ERW has stuck to pants. (Maybe Janelle with the B/W). She’s channeling an angel in a fashiony way. SPOILER ALERT: someone else channeled an angel and it was NOT SUCCESSFUL. I actually want that coat to just swan around my living room in.

Rosie Huntington-Whitely in Ralph Lauren


I love the simple halo and I love the drama of the dress. I’ll just never tire of a cape!

Lena Waithe in Carolina Herrera


I love this woman. She is amazing and funny and so talented. Have you seen the Thanksgiving episode of “Master of None”? It is a masterpiece.  I can only imagine someone who is so fiercely a voice for the LGTBQIA community would find it difficult to go to a fashion event celebrating a religion that has publicly opposed you for so long. To take this as an opportunity to beautifully tie-in your stance was a fantastic pick and was executed perfectly. Also, Bevy Smith told me that she added brown and black to celebrate people of color who are part of the community. Is there anything Lena doesn’t excel at?

Kate Bosworth in Oscar de la Renta

kate-bosworth (1)

The bridal Virgin Mary? Listen, as someone who puts her veil who may or may not try on her veil from time to time, I applaud the pick that let her be a bride again. Doesn’t hurt that it’s a gorgeous look. I seriously spent some time the other week thinking about she was so fantastic in “Blue Crush” and how she does nothing now. She should find a streaming show and lock in some work.

Mindy Kaling in Vassilis Zoulias

I love this look. The crown is fantastic. She looks like she’s starring in a period piece as Queen who is questioning her kingdom’s choice of aligning with the Catholic Church. Meanwhile, I’m questioning who the father of her daughter is.

Katherine Langford in Prada


I did not solely pick this because I think Katherine is the top of the upcoming actresses and I love “13 Reasons Why” and cried my way through “Love, Simon”. I picked it because I love the look.

Stella Maxwell in Moschino


Another Jeremy Scott surprise! I’m confused why more didn’t go for the printed dress. What a quick and easy way to look amazing and align with the theme! Stella is dating Kristen Stewart, who is on the Cannes jury which reminds me I need to check in on that fashion because it is typically stupendous.

And now we come to our best dressed. The only co-chair to GET it…

Rihanna in Maison Margiela


Rihanna as The Pope – cast it now!

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