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Welcome to my blog! I tell people that my interests are art and culture, news-worthy events, international affairs and hosting social gatherings for friends. Those who know me best translate that to: movies and TV (mostly Bravo), celebrity gossip, anything royal-adjacent, and drinking Pinot Grigio with my girlfriends. I have a lot of opinions on these topics that I would like to share with you. These opinions tend to get me in trouble – like that time I made Tamra Barney Judge cry on WWHL or that time Carole Radziwill blocked me on Twitter. I love to travel and used to live in Kazakhstan because I find my life is very random and takes me to weird places (literally and figuratively). I own too many designer handbags and zero property. And while I’m known for my love of Pinot Grigio – I’ve never had Ramona’s eponymous line.

? Maura

But why “The Momo Slate”???

I have been “Momo” for most of my life. Family and long-time friends affectionately use it. Kids and people who have issues pronouncing my name (which, why? It’s spelled like Laura, pronounce it like Laura) use Momo. Most importantly, my beloved nephews and niece know me as Momo. The Slate refers to many things – a rock used as a writing surface, a chance for a “blank slate”, and a pun for those who truly know me. ?

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