RHONY Season 8: Episode 7 Recap

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Before we get started, we need to have a Bravo discussion. First of all, how weird/awkward and not at all how I would want my wedding to be was “Shahs” this week? This whole build-up to the surprise wedding made it seem like it was going to be this huge reveal. Don’t get me wrong, it was pretty dramatic when Asa pulled her DIY-bedazzled turban out of her purse, but they were in a small private dining room and pressed up against cinder block walls. Then they just peaced out right after? It was odd, right??? (more…)

RHONY Season 8: Episode 4 Recap


Sorry this is late but alas, it is what it is. SO LISTEN TO THIS. I have a friend (who I promised to keep anonymous) who used to LIVE WITH JULES. And guess what – she’s as much as a nightmare as we though. She stole this friend’s Amex and used it to spend like $4K on things including food (which she then threw up). I just wow. Right??? Ok onto episode 4! (more…)

That 2nd Time I Got on WWHL


Oh boy. What a Monday morning. I’m still buzzing from last night. So much happened. But most importantly, I made a total fool of myself on WWHL. If you recall, last fall I was on the show and I made Tamra cry. My call was even featured on a People.com article. Well I decided to try again last night and I must have some good Bravo karma because I’m 2 for 2 on getting through!  (more…)

RHONY Season 8: Episode 3 Recap


Last episode ended in major drama at the Gansevoort Hotel. What? I didn’t recap it? Oh right, I was busy on vacation. Here’s the gist: Jules continues to suck at parenting, Bethenny is buying jewelry at the same place she bought her wedding rings (yikes), Carole and Luann hate each other (snooze, move on – that was last year’s drama), and Dorinda has a bra party where all hell breaks lose. B called out Dorinda for always selling her boyfriend, John and being completely unable to read a room, Ramona piled on top with a story about John telling people he loves to pop viagra and bang Dorinda for hours. Eeew. Let’s dig into this week’s episode! (more…)

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