RHONY Season 8: Episode 1 Recap

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I am SO sorry this took me so long. I went on vacation Friday so I was busy getting ready then I was busy being on vacation. Actually, I’m at my sister’s house watching her kids. So kind of vacation…they are 7, 9 and 11. I LOVE my nephews and niece but let me tell you this, I am thankful for the amount of vodka my sister and her husband keep in their bar. And this is coming from a former professional nanny. So shout out to all those moms and dads our there doing the hard work. (SPOILER: I’m not talking about you, Jules) I’m off to LA on Thursday for my best friend/cousin’s wedding so this week’s recap might be late too. SORRY.  (more…)

Weekly Round-Up – April 4th


Hi y’all! Happy Monday! The weather in Cleveland totally sucks right now. I leave for vacation on Friday, so obviously life is moving at a glacial pace. Tonight marks the FINAL reunion episode of “Vanderpump Rules” and the premiere of “Southern Charm”. I’m so excited for both. Are you all caught up on RHOBH? They are really focusing on what you wear in Dubai. I know that it is a conservative part of the world, but I did not get all that whooped up about it when I was there. One week it was like 115 degrees (no joke) and I was cruising around the mall in shorts and a tank top. No one said a single word to me. I think Kyle needs to calm down just a bit. Ok enough of my random ramblings – let’s discuss the gossip! (more…)

Bravo Update

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Is it just me or has Bravo been eh lately? I could not get into “Real Housewives of Potomoc” (sorry Sarah) and “RHOBH” has been blah this year. I said this before and I’ll say it again, we already did the “is it real or fake” illness storyline on OC with Brooks. Why did we need to revisit it with a different city? “People’s Couch” is obviously da bomb, but I’m missing all my go-to shows. So let’s check in on what is going on with the network. (more…)

Weekly Round Up – March 4th

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It’s the weekend! WOOHOO!!! I need a cocktail. Alas, the warning labels on my meds suggest that is not a good idea. Maybe tomorrow! Obviously, the big news this week came from the Oscars. The Momo Slate has you covered. I did the recap of the ceremony. I covered the best, meh and worst of the ceremony and the best, meh and worst of the parties. Let’s see what else happened! (more…)

Bravo Updates


Before I dive into all the recent Bravo news, I need to address some other gossip: Liam Neeson’ girlfriend. As in, who the F is she??? He said he’s dating someone “incredibly famous”. He’s a New Yorker, so I assume she lives there. Julia and I are obsessed. Is it Charlize Theron, Halle Berry, Diane Lane? I need to know!!!!!!! (For obvious reasons being a) I’m in love with Liam and b) I still tear up thinking about Natasha and her dying and all the things he has said about how hard it was.) (more…)

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