The 2017 Golden Globes Fashion – The Worst


Let’s wrap this up shall we? I realize that I don’t hit EVERYONE but I try to get most. If your favorite or least favorite look is missing from the bunch then I either a) didn’t deem it exciting enough to even mention or b) I totally forgot to include it. It’s a toss up! (I almost forgot Kristen Bell when doing the best!!) But please feel free to point out any that I may have missed. (more…)

Weekly Round Up: July 5th, 2016


Blah blah, I’ve been busy [insert excuses here]. But seriously, I do apologize for the massive lack of posts the last few weeks. But I’m hoping to get a couple things out this week. Including a RHONY recap that will span many a episode. I’m sure everyone is struggling today, unless you’re on vacation – then well done on that front. We really got screwed by Leap Year. We could have had a Sunday 4th with a Monday day off for recovery. But alas, things just didn’t go our way this year. Let’s dig into some of the story lines that are dominating the news, shall we?

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