Why are you famous, Nikki Reed?

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Have you ever been perusing Instagram or flipping through the pages of US Weekly and wondered, why are you famous? We all know there’s THAT family and the answer is “a sex tape” but often I see “famous” people being overly covered and gotten very annoyed. So this is the first post in a possible series called “Why are you famous?”


The Official Ranking of the OC Housewives

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Season 10 of RHOC has begun. Like what? 10 seasons? Where has the time gone??? It seems like just yesterday Vicki and Lauri were working out of Vicki’s home schilling insurance. Now Lauri is rich again with her husband George and Vicki is… Vicki is still the bomb dot com.


The Royals


In November of 2010, the world went speechless as Prince William, a man we had all watched grow up before our eyes, stepped out with his beautiful girlfriend, Kate Middleton.


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