The 2017 Golden Globes Fashion – The Best


I obviously leave the worst for last because it’s so much more fun to dissect those decisions. But not everyone was bad, there were some very pretty frocks on the red carpet. I like the crop of nominated actresses this year because it’s not the same old, same old. There’s some fashion risk-takers amongst the group. Now did everyone’s choice pan out… unfortunately not. But let’s dig in to the best looks! (more…)

The 2017 Golden Globes Fashion – The Meh’s


[Insert a ton of lame excuses here about why I haven’t posted in months.] Ok good, now that we’ve moved on from that, we can focus on the Golden Globes! It’s officially awards season!! The Critics totally messed up my mojo and had their ceremony in December. I wasn’t ready!!! I need to get through the holidays before I can focus on judging the fashion of famous people! But the Critic’s Choice doesn’t really matter, so let’s focus on the Golden Globes! (more…)

Make Up or Break Up: Brangelina


Well I’ve been waiting for this moment for 11 years. Anyone else? I was NEVER on board with this couple. Angelina Jolie is a home wrecker. Don’t get me wrong – Brad Pitt is just as culpable in this, but I can’t shake the feeling that she had her talons in him from the get go. She wanted a baby daddy to her current and future children and saw one who was ripe for the picking. I’ve never strayed from #teamJen and I relish in the thought of her sitting back with a margarita and a cigarette, smirking away. Like this: (more…)

The Worst of the Emmy’s

68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

And of course, the worst dressed. You’ll probably note that I didn’t cover everyone who walked the red carpet, but I think I got the gist of it. Let me tell you, when stars get it bad, they get it BAD. (more…)

The Best of the Emmy’s


Some of the ladies really brought it this year!! And my best dressed just made me swoon. The biggest winner of the night…Jenny Packham. She brought the best looks to the party. Let’s check them out, shall we! (more…)

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