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The Best Dressed at the Oscar After-Parties


Update: it is the flu. But my fever broke last night, so that’s good news. Cat asked if I was in curlers and a nightgown, Little House on the Prairie style. But I’m on the mend, I’m sure you were all concerned. But I couldn’t finish these posts last night, due to the inability to move. We have our best dressed here. It amuses me when people pick a BETTER dress for the after-parties. AKA Heidi and Olivia, as seen in the last post. Let’s see if anyone jumped to the best dressed list. (more…)


why are you famous image

I was thinking of who to do for our latest installment of “Why are you Famous” and I realized that we’ve been focusing on women. And that’s not fair, because there’s plenty of men who are inexplicably famous. Exhibit A: Joe Jonas.