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The 2018 Met Gala: The Worst


Oh boy. I am about to get snippy¬†over some of these looks. You can really tell who loves fashion, and who just wants their name on a website. This list ranges from people who just totally phoned it in to others who maybe stopped at a costume shop on their way to the event. I seriously think that Anna should put you on probation if you bomb your look. The same people go every year and continue to disappoint. There has to be other she could invite, right?? Bottom line, less Kardashians, more Lena Waithe. (more…)

The Met Gala 2017: The Best


I should have mentioned that I left off a bunch of people. I don’t really judge the men and I’m not really interested in random models who may or may not have walked the Victoria’s Secret runway. So if you’re looking for Adam Levine’s wife… she’s not here. Anyway…some of these women went full on for the theme and for that I commend them. Others not so much, but they rocked it enough to get on the best dressed list. My absolute best dressed is one of my favorite looks in a very long time…


The Worst of the Emmy’s

68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

And of course, the worst dressed. You’ll probably note that I didn’t cover everyone who walked the red carpet, but I think I got the gist of it. Let me tell you, when stars get it bad, they get it BAD. (more…)

Recapping the 2016 Emmy’s


Lots to cover today! The 2016 Emmy’s are in the books. What did everyone think? Did Jimmy Kimmel deliver? Did your favorites win? I enjoyed the show. Was it the best? No, but definitely up there! I finally think the Emmy’s stepped out of their comfort zone and gave the prizes to the deserving, not just the expected. I will of course have the fashion up later today, but let’s talk about the actual show first. (more…)

The Best Dressed at the Met Gala

zoe saldana

What I love about the Met Gala is that people up their fashion game. It doesn’t always work out in the end, but at least people are taking risks! The Oscars have become a snooze. Even the Grammy’s don’t pack the same punch. It’s like they’re all scared of being called out by Giuliana Rancic, which PLEASE, who cares what she thinks. Let’s check in with those who got it right on fashion’s biggest night! (more…)

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