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The Mehs of the Oscars

tina fey

Switching up and starting with the boring outfits. Then we’ll go to best followed by worst. AND I’ll do an after party fashion post (tomorrow, I need sleep at some point) because everyone changes for the Vanity Fair party. I would too. Why not, right? I think my new life goal is to get an invite to the VF party. Screw marriage and kids, I’m going to dream big! Ok on to those dresses the made little to no impression on me! (more…)

SAGs Worst Dressed

julianne moore

Maybe you’re wondering why I go from Best to Worst when writing this. Well, because I find the worst dressed much more entertaining than best dressed. Because… who hates you in this world that let’s you walk out the door in that outfit? I want everyone to take a moment and thing to themselves, “who is my ‘get real’ friend?” This is the person that is your biggest supporter and gives you positive energy but their compliments would stop immediately if you put on something heinous. Julia is this friend – she would tell me in an instant if I need to go back upstairs and try again. I wish some of these people would get a “get real” friend… (more…)

Golden Globes Fashion Part 1: The Goodies


Ahhh the fashion. It might be 95% of the reason people watch awards shows. Of course, gone are the days when stars dressed themselves and people looked certifiable. Now everyone has a stylist, but thankfully, not every stylist knocks it out of the park, so we do get some crazy looks. But let’s look at the best of the night first. I have to tell you, the group last night was not often in agreement over dresses. Some people (you know who you are) were¬†more focused on the physical attributes of the ladies than the dresses they wore, others found issue with the aesthetic the stars were going for. PS – I’m only covering ladies. IMO a suit’s a suit. (more…)