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A Royal Update

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Hi all! Happy first day of Spring!! A LOT has been going on with our favorite royals and I’ve been talking about it with some close friends but realized I neglected to touch base with all of you. We’re coming up on the 6 year wedding anniversary of Will and Kate and perhaps another royal engagement is in our future. A lot to discuss, so let’s dig in! (more…)

Happy Anniversary Kate and Will!

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Wow, has it already been 5 years since we all woke up before dawn to watch Kate Middleton and Prince William marry? Today marks their anniversary so it’s a good time to go down memory lane and relive that very special day. What were you doing? I know that I will never forget how I spent that day… (more…)

Ranking Kate’s India/Bhutan Wardrobe


WHOA – I’m writing a post about a Prince/Princess and THE Prince has passed away. RIP. What a total bummer…

Onto regular scheduled posting:

1st – HAPPY 90th BIRTHDAY QUEEN ELIZABETH!! Julia and I decided that we would be the most amazing subjects. Very loyal. 2nd – Is there anything better than when Kate and Will leave the country? They did Canada/U.S., Malaysia and some other places and Australia/New Zealand (with Baby George in tow!) and just last week they explored India and Bhutan. The bar was set high for Kate because a) the culture and designs in those countries BEG for amazing outfits and b) Naeem Khan is Indian and a bomb designer – we knew his designs would HAVE to show up. So let’s check out how she did! (Spoiler: this is the best she’s ever dressed.) (more…)

Weekly Round-Up – Late Marchish

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With the holiday and work stuff, this is a little late. But there’s celeb news to be had, so we shall recap! The world is a mess right now. Honestly, checking the news is my least favorite activity and I’ve been subjecting myself to Barre 5 times a week. That’s how bad it is. I gave up on checking my NCAA bracket on day 2 when it busted completely (I had Michigan State to win – Kelly, you owe me something for your alma mater screwing me over). So with all this bad news, the least celebs could do is provide us drama, right? Well there’s not much, but we’ll get into it anyway! (more…)

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