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The 2018 Met Gala: The Worst


Oh boy. I am about to get snippy¬†over some of these looks. You can really tell who loves fashion, and who just wants their name on a website. This list ranges from people who just totally phoned it in to others who maybe stopped at a costume shop on their way to the event. I seriously think that Anna should put you on probation if you bomb your look. The same people go every year and continue to disappoint. There has to be other she could invite, right?? Bottom line, less Kardashians, more Lena Waithe. (more…)

Kardashians Kan’t Get Along


UPDATED: Scroll to the bottom to see the most recent Instagram from Rob that is amazing!!!!!

I know I once promised a Kardashian-free zone, but this stuff is too funny to me. I still think the Kardashians are the worst thing to happen to America, but I can’t ignore the fact that they are so ridiculous, their antics must be acknowledged. The latest is a love triangle (quadrangle?) that has everyone up in arms, sending elusive tweets that may POSSIBLY be about the latest gossip. I wonder if Us Weekly has someone on staff who follows their tweets and interprets them. If so, I’d like that job. Also, this story involves #whereisrob, who may finally be coming out from under the pile of booze, drugs, food and video games that he has been living in for months. (more…)

Break-Up Alert: Tyga and Kylie

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I AM SHOCKED. If an only-recently legal teenager, who has had more plastic surgery than Michael Jackson, and a rapper, who’s only famous for dating said teenager (seriously, I cannot name a single song of his), can’t make it work, WHAT CHANCE DO ANY OF US HAVE? (more…)