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The Best Dressed at the Oscar After-Parties


Update: it is the flu. But my fever broke last night, so that’s good news. Cat asked if I was in curlers and a nightgown, Little House on the Prairie style. But I’m on the mend, I’m sure you were all concerned. But I couldn’t finish these posts last night, due to the inability to move. We have our best dressed here. It amuses me when people pick a BETTER dress for the after-parties. AKA Heidi and Olivia, as seen in the last post. Let’s see if anyone jumped to the best dressed list. (more…)

Golden Globes Fashion Part 3: The Worst

kate hudson

Ahhh, those who either got poor guidance from their stylists or ignored their advice completely. What would an awards show be without the worst dressed? At the end of this, you’ll note that I may have missed a few. Don’t stress. It’s not a big deal. No one was a complete trainwreck, except one…you’ll see. (more…)