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The 2018 Met Gala: The Worst


Oh boy. I am about to get snippy¬†over some of these looks. You can really tell who loves fashion, and who just wants their name on a website. This list ranges from people who just totally phoned it in to others who maybe stopped at a costume shop on their way to the event. I seriously think that Anna should put you on probation if you bomb your look. The same people go every year and continue to disappoint. There has to be other she could invite, right?? Bottom line, less Kardashians, more Lena Waithe. (more…)

Real Talk: Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

miley and liam

Something interesting happened after the VMAs… people seemed to be O-V-E-R Miley and she kind of faded from view. And everyone lived happily ever after.¬†End of blog post. I wish. The headlines splashing magazines, blogs, etc. are all focused on the renewed engagement between Miley and Liam. How did this happen? Do we care? Let’s start from the beginning so we get the full picture and then we can talk. (more…)

See Ya, 2015! A Year in Review…

2015 meme

Well I’m closing out 2015 with an awesome cold. Last night, I knocked myself out with NyQuil which led to some crazy dreams. Including one where I caught Venus Williams and Donald Trump canoodling and my first thought was “this is going to make a killer blog post”. Venus and Donald are NOT secretly dating, to my knowledge, but a lot did happen in 2015. Therefore, I present you 2015: A Year in Review. (more…)



You guys. The VMAs were insane. We knew they would be, but they went above and beyond our expectations. We’ll have our favorite moments up later today but first, we need to talk about what happened between Nicki and Miley last night. Because IT. WAS. EPIC. (more…)