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The 2018 Met Gala: The Meh’s

Sorry for the dry spell but I was busy doing things like getting married and moving and blah, blah, blah – let’s just get on with it. If there was anything that was going to get me back to the blog, it was going to be the Met Gala and watching reality stars and Instagram models try to decipher the theme (Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination) without royally offending someone. What we got were A LOT of headpieces and crosses, some snoozes, some delights and a bunch of junk. But let’s get the snoozes/junk out of the way, shall we! (more…)

The 2016 VMAs: The Fashion

final five

Hi y’all!!! Sorry I’ve been away for so long. I basically played it like a European and took August off. But I’m back just in time to discuss the VMAs! First up: the fashion. I started to peruse the pictures and there’s no way I can do a best/worst/meh post. Maybe a worst/WTF? But then I realized I didn’t recognize 90% of the people who attended. What’s a blogger to do? Only cover the people she knows and throw them into one post, obviously. Please note that a lot of these photos didn’t come with designer credits, which makes me think the designers didn’t want to take credit for their own designs… you’ll see why after the jump. (more…)

The Worst Dressed at the Met Gala


Now time for my favorite afternoon chat – ¬†poorly dressed celebs. That is not a smart thing to say because Mercury is in Retrograde and I need all the good karma I can get. Just a reminder – be careful of the way you communicate during retrograde and do not enter any contracts. Just be chill until May 22nd.¬† (more…)